• If you're looking to start or improve your publishing business, there is no one more knowledgeable in the industry than Robin Cutler. If you're just starting, she'll save you innumerable headaches, I promise, and if you're well into your role as author or publisher, she can help you navigate and grow, or simply see what you likely don't see. You need a guide to this always complicated and oftentimes maddening industry, and Robin has it all—the experience, the right attitude, and the wide-ranging expertise to support any publishing professional at any stage of their process.

    —Brooke Warner

    Publisher of She Writes Press

  • The journey to publication is a labyrinth that shifts shapes almost daily. There are few better guides for that journey than Robin Cutler, who is not only a doyen of indie publishing and a font of wisdom, but is a pleasure to work with and a human being with a good heart.

    - Grant Faulkner

    Executive director at National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and Co-founder at 100 Word Story

  • Robin Cutler's knowledge of the writing and publishing business is unsurpassed and this, combined with a high degree of professionalism, ensures any advice and assistance she provides adheres to the highest of industry standards. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    - Wendy Jones

    President, Scottish Writers Association and author of 25 books

  • Robin Cutler can help you succeed in any phase of publishing. I know! She published two of my novels and made them both amazing success stories in the industry! Her vast experience in producing and marketing excellent products guarantees she will be the best career guide you’ll ever have. Contact Robin. She is the most generous expert you will ever meet.

    - Terry Ward Tucker

    educator and author of 7 published books